Anthony Lane Design Consultancy was founded in 1989 when Anthony established an independent, service orientated design studio in Cape Town, providing design and concept development in the wine industry.

Over the past decade, the business has expanded to other sectors and has grown from a design studio, offering point solutions, to a strategic marketing consultancy offering a range of services in brand development and positioning.

solutions focus

In addition to design and concept development, the business provides clients with a comprehensive view of a brand's development within the overall strategic direction of their business.

Design solutions are therefore seldom done without a comprehensive review of the brand in order to ascertain whether or not the commissioned work is appropriate. This can include an alignment of the brand in its particular market to ensure it is correctly positioned, and a review of the current project within the client's portfolio of products to ensure that the client's brands are correctly structured.

Other areas of expertise lie in the development of corporate identities, direct marketing, and diverse brand communications.

client diversity

The list of clients is extensive and varied. The opportunity to work in a number of industries has meant that the skills and expertise base from which the company can draw is both diverse and unique, while dynamic enough to be tailored to suite virtually any client.

As the company's reputation for excellence has become more widespread, so the client base has expanded from national companies and brands to international ones. Today, our clients range from North America to the United Kingdom and the European Union. This also represents our ability to operate within both big business and smaller organisations. Clients range from large corporate companies to specialised niche brands.

We have extensive exposure in the wine and spirits industry, ranging from label design for boutique brands, to brand management for larger corporate producers and estates. We also have exposure in the clothing, cosmetics, tioletries and other FMCC related industries.

Tourism is a particularly strong growth industry in South Africa and we have produced communications for some of the top game farms, guesthouses and hotels in the country. These would include print media, corporate ID applications such as stationary and signage programmes.

people focus

Anthony Lane Design Consultancy is a company driven by strategic and marketing orientated people. The dedicated team has been drawn from various backgrounds and encompasses management, finance, design, final art and production (DTP) disciplines.

Extensive investment in both technology and human capital has meant that we are in the forefront of design and capable of producing quality solutions that can be benchmarked against larger international companies

the studio has a keen awareness of social responsibiities and has been involved with empowerment projects for previously disadvantaged communities, as well as projects aimed at promoting environmental issues, such as African wildlife and organically certified produce.